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November 3rd, 2008 - AceSquad A.D. — LiveJournal

About November 3rd, 2008

sdlkjfaslkj *facemash* 03:34 pm
it's day three and i haven't written a WORD yet. AUGHH why is it that nano was a zillion times easier when i was in college than when i am an 'adult' with a set routine?

ok, at least i did grocery shopping and laundry recently and don't have that looming over me. (fresh undies are very necessary to write, trust me on this.)

i re-read some of the sections i wrote within the past few months and they didn't suck. am having a hard time transitioning into the next phase of the story as i didn't really establish a certain character strong enough. that character needs to die and his death needs to be fairly disturbing -- but right now i'm wondering why the reader would care that this guy is gone? the characters will be sad but the reader won't be there with them. and that's bad, mmkay.

so i am not going to give in to the temptation to go back and 'fill in' those reasons just now. i'm going to plow ahead pretending i've established his character enough that all else will fall into place. it's perhaps a false assumption but i just gotta go with it for now.
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