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Previous Entry just a note :) Sep. 14th, 2007 @ 10:46 am Next Entry
writing the 20 questions for phantom thing yesterday really helped me do some writing yesterday evening (another 5 pages or so, sweeet) so i'll probably do a pacifica one today if i can. just climbing around their brain spaces and writing extended somewhat-in-character dialogues help. i tend to skimp on the dialog in my story, which i'm not sure is a good idea, and can find it really difficult to get into pacifica's voice especially, as she's a bit of a chameleon. phantom's always stilted, didactic, archaic, that kind of thing, doesn't use many contractions, has perfect american-sounding english but speaks it like he was taught it as a second language, which he was. to me that's actually easy to write because it's kind of artificial.

pacifica's a toughie. her normal way of speaking is very normal for an american teenager/young woman, but she can "class it up" if need be. she doesn't say "like" every other word (as i do sometime, which is weird) but her attitude is generally really cavalier towards everything. very little in her world needs to be taken seriously. so, yea, an extended dialog of hers will be... challenging.

strangely, very strangely, of all the characters i've had to write, dieny is by far the easiest, because he's a sarcastic asshole. THAT is can do. he'll hear phantom talking and be all "BLAH BLAH BLAH PHANTOM, YOU ARE BORING ME! let's ditch this fuckface and go eat :D :D :D :D" and then later deliver a sophisticated missive on duty and loyalty ... while massively hungover. hahah. oh dieny.

i also realized that my story is kind of a chronological mythological triptych, as my characters all inhabit three different worlds that exist concurrently. it's like each word is exactly 1000 years apart from the other as well. and no, i didn't plan this XD
there's the world of 0, where the heros of the time were the gods of the pantheon. there's the world of 1000, where the heros were the knights and lords and all that good stuff. and then there's 2000, where the heros are superheros, larger-than-life crime fighters. so, i have a feeling if my story has an epilogue (if i ever GET to that point!) it might bring up this theme. just 'cause.
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