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Feb. 6th, 2005 @ 01:51 pm
I’ve seen the level Pacifica and I have been reduced to in countless publications, and I won’t fuel the fires of mindless celebrity propaganda or vitriolic demagoguery.

excuse me as i drool over phantom saying the words "vitriolic demagoguery" in the coolest way possible.
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the new website is UP Jan. 31st, 2005 @ 09:30 pm
this is THE website for my story, just fyi....

M Varmaz is: http://www.acesquad.com/phantom/
Fuzzy White Rat: LOL : "is your job hard?" "have you ever been shot at?" "how close are you and phantom exactly?" "how do you do your hair?"
M Varmaz is: :-D
M Varmaz is: btw, there are secret links
M Varmaz is: Its like if you find theym j00 get a treat
Fuzzy White Rat: lol

yea, it's not done yet, but most of it is there. there are clips from the written story (!!) and i'll add one more tomorrow (to pacifica's section). i'll also be rotating these on a monthly basis i hope, so those of you who have been all "I WANNA READ YOUR STORY!!" will now be getting little tastes of it ^_^

here's my suggestion: read isaac's section first and ESPECIALLY check out characters. he's the closest to an 'objective' source on my story as you'll find. phantom and pacifica's sections are going to delve deeper specifically into their own personalities, but if you don't know their basic dealies they won't be very interesting.

as for secret links, most of them are text, but at least one of them is part of an image. hint: if there's a button in the picture, try pressing it. ... ok the secret links aren't that cool or anything, i just thought it'd be neat to hide stuff ;) there are about 5 secret links, i think.

randomly: phantom's b/w portrait in isaac's characters page is awesome. he looks like he's going to vomit xPPP

i guess i should mention this as well:
if you haven't checked out a.s.a.p., you might find it interesting: http://www.acesquad.com/pacifica/

Sarah wins at getting my story:
Fuzzy White Rat: it's so angsty that phantom is so standoffish towards pacifica in person, but then writes about her constantly in his journal
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XMen vs AceSquad May. 3rd, 2004 @ 03:21 pm
I remember I showed Sarah and Alice my character designs once and they said it was all very XMen.

Do the Xmen even USE things like swords and daggers??

Here's a crappy compare and contrast because I really should have updated this page a loooooong time ago.

In terms of looks --

my characters do not--

  • wear masks or anything on their faces

  • wear spandexy stuff. They all wear loose pants. Which is yaaay~ They DO wear tight shirts, but it's all breathable material with some sort of protective layer underneat (like some sort of fictionally light but still somewhat bulletproof material. Yea, oh well)

  • wear heels!!! I've never understood how people can create active female characters and make them wear heels. Every they'd run or land from a kick they'd break their freaking ankle.

  • look weird out of uniform. None of them are 'mutant' or even just slightly funky. The only exception is Frostbite but that's because he dyed his hair.

  • wear any insignia or logo

  • wear bright colors! or anything leather

  • look overly super-hero-y. Well, at least I think so. No one's got bulging muscles or funky appendages or exaggerated features. In a crowd they'd blend right in. (In written form. When I draw I draw in an exaggerated style, but Phantom is actually supposed to be of a very slight build, to the point where he actually looks wimpy)

  • get glowy eyes when they use their powers. I like to them of them as mediums through which they manipulate an element (yes, an element, never their bodies or materials).

my characters do--

  • wear segmented belts. I know Batman and Xmen all have the segmented gold belts going on, but the Ace Squad all wear segmented belts depending on their sector. Assault division wear platinum (which is so pale it almost looks white), Intelligence wears Gold, Strategy/Command wears Silver, and the PR doesn't actually have segmentd belts xP It's the only part of the A.S. uniform that makes it uniform with the others on the team.

  • wear a lot of black

  • wear gloves--although they are black (except for Phantom, his are white for personal reasons)

in terms of plot--

Overall the plots are nothing alike. I don't have sentinels or the government trying to ban the superhumans or anything. There is some petty fighting between superhuman clans, but for the most part those fights are very minor. The Ace Squad's job is just to protect the public at large by acting as human weapons against any 'superhumans' that try to commit violent crimes (as normal offensive weapons like guns are not effective vs powers)

If you want to nitpick, yes both my guys and Xmen have powers, but that's like a superhero staple. The Xmen are 'mutants' while my characters are just humans that have been endowed with powers from a source unbeknownst to them (the ancient Greek gods, actually). My guys are nicknamed 'superhumans' by the massmedia, but they are not genetically different from normal humans in any way. They channel their internal powers usually in flame-like manifestations that kind of hover over their dominant hand, like chi flames or something.

My young characters all live under one roof like in the XMen mansion, but there is a set limit on their number, and most of them have apartments or families they go to in their off time. The manor they live in is just so training can be faster and they can set out on patrol at the same time. Training goes on within the manor, as well as briefings, so it's basically their barracks. Also, unlike the Mutant school, the Ace Squad doesn't just take anyone in. There is an extensive screening and tryout process (open to the public)

The Ace Squad is also a government sanctioned body, it is technically an extension of the police force just like Cops. They are all on public payroll, everything is government funded, and if the government was ever unhappy with them (which the PR division tries desperately to prevent from happening) they would just all be fired, like any other job. It is just a job for the Squadron, most of them just treat it as such. The exceptions to this are Pacifica and Phantom of course; that's what makes them interesting and that's why the story is about them ^___^~
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uggggggh Feb. 16th, 2004 @ 11:02 pm
What was I thinking?

I drew a picture of Pacifica about to kiss...... Chris. EUUUUUUUUGH!!!
OK OK it's good to explore different possibilities, and now I've tested the waters on that one and it is SO wrong. SOOOOO unbelievably wrong.
There's a fascinating dynamic between the two of them -- at first Pacifica wants to kill Chris so strongly she kind of stalks him and in the end can't bring herself to be violent towards him, she hates him THAT MUCH. She wants to see him suffer and leave open the possibility that it could never end, in the sense that there would be a finality in death, she wants to see him always in pain. It's pretty scary, and I like it. Chris on the other hand is kind of ignorant as to why, as he pretty much forgot all about her, so he acts in his normal way, adding insult to injury. Somehow, in a moment of sudden maturity -- as she is prone to have -- Pacifica just lets go. The scarring, the fights, the gang rivalry, it all drops away, and she accepts Chris as a team mate. (And yes there will be a catalyst for this, but I haven't worked out why just yet. It's going to be one of those things that will form itself as I'm writing it.... I really can't think of something to plan for it right now).

Her hatred of Chris is only known to Phantom, and only he knows about this silent reformation. I *love* it. He keeps getting these glances of a very dualistic Pacifica -- the immature drama queen teenager, so much like her peers, seemingly one dimensional.... and in the very secret world she truly lives in, she is precocious, dark, very mature, and only Phantom knows. xDDDD

But, on the Pacifica/Chris thing, I'm all about the purity of my main pairs. Pacifica and Phantom. And then, Chris and Sharon. NO CROSSING OVER. Scott and Sophia et al do whatever the hell they want, its part of their character..... but not Pacifica. I don't want a Miaka-situation where all the men on her team are like *grab-grab Pacifica*. No. That would be stupid.

And..............definitely NO Chris and Phantom. ROFLMAO oh GOD no~
Phantom is so asking to be yaoi-fanfiction-ized, it's not even funny. Thank god I can't really fanfiction my own story and I won't touch yaoi with a 10 foot stick. But if my story ever catches on with any sort of crowd, I can just see the scores of Chris/Phantom or Gin/Phantom (oh, yea definitely Gin, he's bi so that even sort of WORKS but Phantom isn't AUUUUGH) WHY AM I EVEN GOING THERE @________@XXXXXX

Phantom = Marc, aka Pacifica's partner
Chris = Arbiter, the blonde-foxtailed hair guy!
Sharon = photographer girlfriend of Chris
Gin = Frostbite, resident aZn gangsta asshole!
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nanowrimo excerpt just for you~ Jan. 22nd, 2004 @ 12:26 am
“Do you have things to bring back with you? There isn’t much space in the trunk.”

“No, just this bag,” he replied, his blue eyes sharp and piercing.

“Good,” Camilla retorted, hopping into her car. “Pacifica, Scott, you’re coming in my car. And um, I don’t think any of us were formally introduced to you, honey,” she pointed at Hercule with a limp finger through the open car window.

“I can’t tell you my real name, but in Guardia my title is Sir Hercule of the Phantom Justice, fifth rank,” he replied politely, slightly bowing his head towards his commander, and then to his two teammates. Pacifica and Scott, taken by surprise by such a ridiculously long and lofty name, held back their guffaws of laughter as best they could.

“Whoa,” Camilla jumped out of the car, “—you’re fifth rank?!?” she screamed incredulously as she shook Hercule’s shoulders. “Guys, this guy is a pro, all right!” she poked him in the chest harshly as Hercule smiled weakly. “Guardians rarely reach fifth rank, and if they ever do, they’re like, in their late fifties at best!” Pacifica and Scott stopped laughing.

“Jesus Christ, you’re a prodigy aren’t you?” Pacifica whispered.

“No no, nothing like that,” Hercule waved his hand to dismiss the praise. No one believed him. Camilla glanced at her watch.

“Ah, guys, can you get in the car? We need to get going to move you all in on time.”

The three adolescents piled into the car, with Pacifica seated between the two boys. She noticed that Hercule was sitting as rigidly and attentively in the car as he had been at the conference dinner. Assuming he was just uncomfortable from sitting in such close proximity to a girl he barely knew, Pacifica tried to think nothing of the boy’s body language. She turned to him in an attempt to ease the strained atmosphere in the awkwardly silent car ride.

“You know, Sir Hercule, I was thinking that, well, we can’t go around calling you that... and since you won’t tell us your real name for some reason, can we call you something else?”

Camilla sighed from the driver’s seat. “Ah, this feel so familiar…” Hercule shot forward and placed his hand on her shoulder aggressively.

“You are not to tell them, Chamille. You know that,” he warned.

“Hey, what? Calm down man,” Scott knocked Hercule’s hand back from the seat. “I don’t know what’s going on, but you don’t have to get pissy like that. She’s our commander you know.”

“It’s okay Scott, he’s right,” Camilla smiled. “I apologize Hercule, it’s hard for me to forget some things…” Pacifica saw her friend’s shoulders fall as the car fell into yet another awkward silence.

“So ah…your name, Sir Hercule?” Pacifica squeaked. He reclined back into his seat.

“You may call me whatever you like, it makes no difference to me,” he shrugged.

“Dirt,” Scott blurted. Pacifica nudged him with her shoulder.

“That’s not funny.”

“It’s not supposed to be funny, it’s supposed to be apt.”

“Stop it, be constructive okay?” she scolded, nudging him again. Scott smirked in response to her cute attempts at being physical.

“How about Ghost?”

Making a slight face, Hercule tried not to groan in disgust. “All right, it makes little difference to me, but don’t choose something dreadful like that. How about just calling me Hercule like everyone else does?”

“I don’t like that name,” Pacifica retorted sharply. “It might fit with the ancient Greek and Roman god theme that’s going on… but it seems way too…pretentious.” She paused and put her finger to her lip in thought. “See, Scott is planning on calling himself Hurricane, right? And there’s Chamille, Volcano, Mace, Venus, Falcon,” she stopped again and looked straight at Hercule. “These names are more like adjectives. So…”

Her face lit up in delight and she clapped her hands together excitedly.


Hercule was taken aback. “What?”

“Phantom! It’s mysterious like you, and it’s also a part of your title! C’mon, it’s perfect!”

He paused and looked out the window. “It’s kind of lame…”

Pacifica did not waver in her conviction. “No it’s not, it’s really good! Isn’t it, Hurricane?” Scott was apathetic and shrugged his shoulders.

“All right,” the black haired and blue eyed boy sighed in resignation. “I’m Phantom from now on, if it makes you happy,” he smiled. Pacifica thought his smile was mature and brilliant.

“It does,” she smiled back and squinted her eyes in joy.


And that is how Phantom becomes "Phantom"! I'm working diligently on my story again (aka my nanowrimo, if you want to call it that), but to get back into the mood I've been rereading the stuff I wrote a few months ago--I had forgotten a lot of what I wrote!!!! At this point Pacifica is about 15 years old and still very genki, and Scott is still very Mr Stereotypical High School crush. Haha, I find it funny that they change so dramatically in the next few years.... so I enjoy these years of innocense, so to speak.
I came across this excerpt and really enjoyed it. I hope you did too!
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mother's mistake Jan. 20th, 2004 @ 02:36 am
I drew a little sketch today~~

here's the summary I wrote that goes with it:
This is sort of a scene/character study--the ghost behind Phantom is his mother, who rashly gave him up to the Guardians when he was a child. For the rest of her life (she commits suicide when Phantom is about 21) she intensely regrets this decision, especially as she sees the burdens that were placed upon her son unecessarily. She tries to get in contact with him, but as he didn't know she was alive until her death, she never succeeds in reaching him. Upon her suicide Phantom discovers her myriad letters addressed to him and reads them all, and while he feels the weight of her grief, a great deal of repressed anger wells up inside him to the point where-- well, it's a major turning point in the story. I don't want to give away any spoilers more than I already have ;) This part of the story definitely merited its own (representational) color sketch, so, here it is.
As for the locket-type object they are both holding, it is also crucial to this story arc, so again I'm not going to give it away. You'll just have to keep guessing until I officially release the story!

Since you all are special, I'll tell you what happens: Phantom realizes the cause he devoted his life to (or rather, had his life devoted to for him) was an empty one, and that he was living some childish pipe dream. Protecting someone who didn't seem to deserve such devotion while abandoning all care for himself. Suddenly his own life becomes paramount to all others, for the first time in his memory.

Upon receiving many of his mother's letters to him (many of which are years old), he becomes completely distant and stops speaking to Pacifica altogether. When she musters enough courage to move towards him, he says nothing and shoves a piece of paper in her face abruptly. It's from Serah Pleura-Dirigeant, Phantom's mother. She wrote it just before jumping out of her 53rd story apartment window. Pacifica reads it slowly to herself.

My dearest son,
I have spent so many years trying to convince myself that the one I made against you was not preventable, but it's horribly obvious that your pain is entirely my fault. There was no reason for you to have endured what you are going through now. Ah, for so many years I have seen you grow strong and handsome on the evening news without being able to speak with you or hold you again. My boy, how I've missed you, and how many times, how many countless times I've cried from not being able to see you play again on the fields outside St-Emilion and give you hugs.
I have been the worst mother this world has ever known, and you have been the strongest and most steadfast and devoted man the world has ever seen. You amaze everyone, you are a miracle! You have always deserved the best and I could give you nothing better than the worst. I've tried to cry out to you and take you back from what I tossed you into, but my own stupidity has held me back from fulfilling even my most basic duty as a mother.
So many in this world see your strong face as one full of stoic duty and pride, but I know that you were a happy child, and what I see is that you bear great and unwanted pains for the reckless girl that you have been bound to protect. It isn't right, it never was. I can't say in words the level of my guilt. You should have been free to fulfill your own dreams, and not sacrifice all you ever wanted so some other person could take advantage of you. Marc, my God, my son, please someday bring yourself to pity this woman who was never fit to bear you. She goes forever to bear her punishment in hell for forcing you live in one.
Marc, I am powerless, but you are strong. Save yourself.

Pacifica starts to tremble as she weeps and gives the paper back to Phantom, who she has now just discovered is actually named Marc (he has never revealed this). She tries to gently put a hand on his shoulder, but he pushes Pacifica away--literally, he pushes her against a wall and knocks her unconscious. Grabbing his jacket, he silently and swiftly runs out his door and leaves the Ace Squad. By the time Pacifica regains consciousness he has long left the house. She doesn't see him or hear from him for about 2 or 3 more years. (note: obviously this is SUPER WATERED DOWN and summarized version of what happens. There is some dialogue before the pushing and this whole scene is a little more... dramatic. But I'm not going to bore you all with that just yet.)
What happens after that..... I'm not telling until another time. So ah, stay tuned I guess! (add me as a friend ^___^)

*exhales all the melodrama* A small dose of melodrama a day is healthy for you! =D
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alright, this is the exciting first post~ Jan. 19th, 2004 @ 05:12 pm
I made this adorable little banner to go up at the top of this journal, but lo, livejournal has disable image banners for free journals. So, here it is:

Can't use it, though. =P

Well, I was inspired by Anna to make my own journal just for the AceSquad after seeing her Ninth Empire journal. I can't believe it's taken me this long to do this -_- I have a journal for my NaNoWriMo (which I'll be working on again quite soon) but this journal will be for alllllllllll my AceSquad related posts, weee ^__^
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